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Intermittent Clearcaster Audio Sync Issue

Hi, we have a couple of new Clearcasters. On both we are seeing an intermittent audio sync issue. It seems to appear when we have been sending a still graphic to the Clearcasters for a period of time before going live.

It is a studio workflow of a Tricaster feeding a 1080i50 feed to the Clearcasters via a Blackmagic Videohub.

This is an example of the issue the other day:

We have tried a number of times but haven’t been able to replicate it at will - but we continue to see it on jobs now and then - which is very annoying.

Once we were able to fix the sync by changing the source from the Tricaster and back again - but we tried that yesterday without success.

Has anyone else seen similar problems?

Any suggestions?

Hello Scott,

We have faced a support case like this in the past, and in testing when the other ClearCaster Operator removed their TriCaster from the signal chain they no longer faced any audio sync issues.

We would like to collect more information on this if possible, but do please test without the TriCaster in the signal chain and then if you can please submit a support ticket here:


Jason Hatchett
Technical Support Supervisor – Wowza ClearCaster

Jason, we have been using Tricasters for 7 years with no audio sync issues with Elemental and other encoders. The Tricasters aren’t the issue.

Hello Scott,

I do want to get this issue into a support ticket so we can cover this in greater detail.

Please submit a support ticket here:

so we can gather your serial number and review logs to properly investigate this issue.


Jason Hatchett
Technical Support Supervisor – Wowza ClearCaster