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Invalid API key

I was following the tutorial from here and but I can’t proceed pass the step 8 as I got the following response even after I added my api key and access key:

"meta": {
        "status": 401,
        "code": "ERR-401-InvalidApiKey",
        "title": "Invalid Api Key Error",
        "message": "Invalid API key.",
        "description": "",
        "links": []

Since I’m a trial user, could this be my limitation of accessing sandbox? but it certainly wasn’t stated in docs

I have same error. I more frustrate wowza api for rest API not working properly.

“meta”: {
“status”: 401,
“code”: “ERR-401-InvalidApiKey”,
“title”: “Invalid Api Key Error”,
“message”: “Invalid API key.”,
“description”: “”

Thanks for the question @Eddie Chan and comment @Kushal Thakur. I agree the tutorial is not clear enough and we can fix that- so thank you. The Cloud Sandbox is only a tool for testing API commands, you can’t actually publish or playback streams from it.

You’d need to copy and paste those API calls after you practice them and run them in a live API environment. Sorry for any confusion.

Here is a tutorial on how to run an API call in a non-testing environment.