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Invalid SDC license key of GoCoder?

I used the Gocoder SDK. But I received an invalid sdk license for Wowoc gocoder with application id.

Are you using the correct SDK license key @Percival Yost? Sometimes people accidentally enter a key for the player or Engine or Cloud. The SDK license should look like this and begins with GOSK:


The “application id” or “app id” is in the email you received from Wowza with your SDK license key. The bundle identifier when you set up your wowza account for an SDK download is the same exact thing as the “app id” in your SDK email. It can be called app id or bundle identifier.

This image is an example from one of our videos:

Watch this video and in the first two minutes of each, it will show how to correctly enter your SDK license key and app id for either Xcode or Android Studio:


Android SDK:

Hello @Percival Yost

I would recommend opening a support ticket here with your App/Bundle ID and GoCoder SDK license key used and we’ll track down this issue for you: