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Invalid URI error from PushPublishHTTPCupertinoAkamaiHandler

When using Akamai stream targets in live streaming, the following error shows up once per second. Would like to know if you have any idea of the reason.

ERROR   server  comment 2020-08-09      16:32:46        -       -       -       -       -       426884.794      -       -       -       -       -       -       -       -       PushPublishHTTPCupertinoAkamaiHandler.updateGroupMasterPlaylistPlaybackURI([live11_1080] live11/_definst_/live11_1080->live11_1080) invalid uri: http://{playback.hostname}/hls/live/2014622/m85g61a7u08_master/playlist.m3u8

There are 5 different output variants in our settings, e.g. 1080, 720, …, and each of them is mapped to an Akamai target entry and all of these entries share the same adaptiveGroup.

This error shows up only once for all the other 4 variants in the beginning after the stream targets are enabled, but for variant 1080, this error keeps showing up in the log (around once per second).

Another information is that in our settings, we use both HLS and DASH Akamai targets with the same variants. And the error above happens only on HLS.

Please kindly check the possible reasons.

We are using Wowza Streaming Engine version 4.8.0. In case it’s needed, we attached the publish map file here.PushPublishMap.txt, please note that field “akamai.hostId” is set to “xxx-xxx-xxx” for security reason.

Thank you for sharing, but Wowza forums are not a source of official technical support and our engineers do not debug in the forums, For a review of your streaming application, please submit a support ticket.

Thanks for the notice. Just created a support ticket for this.