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iOS / Android get stream from Wowza Web RTC

I bought Wowza service and implement it with WebRTC too. While the Desktop app Windows/MacOSX can connect it via javascript and work properly, but I can’t find a way to connect it in Android/iOS. There is no any tutorial or sdk explain in your web site and no one mention about it in stackoverflow.

I’m not sure the way WebRTC in Wowza work is standardize or not. But I can’t find any way to make my job done.

Can someone give me some examples for connecting Wowza WebRTC in Android/iOS Swift?


PLEASE HELP me Regarding IOS I don’t find this anywhere

With Wowza Streaming Engine, you can ingest and play WebRTC streams with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers on desktops. At this time, we don’t support ingest or playback of WebRTC streams on mobile platforms or in a live repeater (origin/edge) configuration.

We are continuing testing with Safari for iOS, but do not currently have a date to support WebRTC on Android. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

You can send WebRTC from a mobile device to Wowza and play it back in a mobile browser, but the mobile browser must support the WebRTC APIs.

You can also build your own WebRTC player or use or hosted WebRTC playback pages.

You can use the hosted examples linked below. These can also be found in the Wowza Streaming Engine Manager by navigating to the Application > WebRTC menu to test playback

We also provide a github repository with example players you can build on for your own player:

I hope this helps provide an answer for your question.