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iOS + Cloud (Getting Started Newbie)


I am new to video streaming and don’t understand all the moving parts. Looking at the documentation, I can’t find a clear path that explains how to integrate the iOS SDK with the cloud service. Here is what I am trying to figure out:

  1. Using the rest api I create a streaming connection(s) on the Wowza Streaming Cloud (I prefer to do this from my server instead of from the device)

  2. On the iOS device use the upstream URL to upload a stream via the Wowza iOS SDK(do I also need to use the API key on the device or a token would do?)

  3. Anyone who wants to view the stream then can view it using the downstream url (is their an iOS player?)

Is their a guide on how the above steps are taken? How many live streams can I create?


  1. Yes, you can certainly create a live stream instance on the Wowza Streaming Cloud via the REST API from your server, instead of from the device. You would only need to obtain the server URL and other connection info that you receive in the JSON response.

  2. You do not need the API key, you only need the connection info. You can have your mobile device send a request to your server, which can then send the API request to start up the instance on Wowza Streaming Cloud. The connection info that you receive can then be used to configure the mobile device.

  3. The current release does not include a player. You will need to use third-party player libraries. On iOS, you can use the native player to playback the HLS stream.


Hi Michelle,

Thanks for replying. I have read the documentation and have a better understanding now. I reached out to a few people on the Wowza sales team so that I can have on the phone talk with them. I have been given a quote for the mobile SDK, but the team I am working with is requesting that we have a call with someone from Wowza before we financially commit. Could you help with that?