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iOS GoCoder SDK Live is delay working


I am using iOS GoCoder SDK. I stared live stream from iOS device but on player url its shows delay or recorder first. Means its not exact live stream. Why this happen? On Hosted Page URL also have same issue.

Were you expecting a real time stream @ankur diyora? There will always be a small delay (latency) between broadcast and playback. Have you checked into our Ultra Low Latency feature with Wowza Streaming Cloud where it can deliver in less than 3 seconds latency? Or are you using Wowza Streaming Engine with the GoCoder? Please let me know so I can further assist you. Thanks.


But one more problem i am facing is instant live streaming starting.

Means i Starting Live Stream from web then after i started live stream from ios device(GoCoder SDK) but its not start instantly. Its shows Started state on web but still some time live streaming not started from device. Its gives error. If i try after 30 Sec/1 Min then it works.

So how resolve this issue?



Hi @ankur diyora, let’s take a closer look at this to see why there is such a delay. Can you please go here and open a support ticket? This way, we can look more closely at your workflow. Thanks!