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iOS live encoding - best approach?

I currently have an iOS app that captures video, publishes it on S3/Cloud Front and streams it on demand to the app.

I want to add live streaming to the app. Wowza seems like the right server.

I looked for an iOS SDK and couldn’t find anything. I can’t use GoCoder because I need to keep everyone in the app.

What is the best way to add the functionality to my app?



At this time we do not offer a Wowza GoCoder SDK but it’s in our long term roadmap.

We do currently offer a “white-label” product offering of GoCoder, but that may not work if you’re looking to integrate live streaming into your current app. If you are interested in the Wowza GoCoder white-label product, please respond to our Sales Team and they can provide you with additional information.

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We offer both a GoCoder white label and now also GoCoder SDK. The SDK simplifies mobile app development for iOS and Android by offering a common, cross-platform API to capture and stream live video and audio with broad support for the ever growing spectrum of connected, handheld devices. For more information, contact The SDK includes iOS and Android sample apps and full API reference documentation.


I actually believe he means you will have a GoCoder app with your brand slapped on it. Not source code or anything :frowning:

Please correct me if I’m wrong Andrew, as I also have an interest in an GoCoder SDK, iOS and Android.

Thanks Andrew.

Are you saying that the only way you know of to stream live video from iOS to Wowza is to buy a license to your app source code? That everyone who is currently doing this has custom built an iOS recorder/encoder? That is pretty head-scratching if if it’s true (seems like making it easy to connect would help you sell a whole lot more).

OK, is there some documentation that you could point me to that describes the requirements for a client? That is, if I wanted to contract with a third party to create the appropriate iOS SDK, where would they start?

Thanks, …Michael

Animaleante, yeah I read the response too quickly. Thx. Let’s remove GoCoder from the discussion.

Not to play junior product manager, but it still seems extremely weird to sell a server but not provide client libraries. That’s fine… I can have one built but need a pointer to docs to give to developer.