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iOS SDK - idle status callback not firing when stopping a broadcast

I have the latest iOS SDK installed and I am going through the sample swift application. I am able to connect to a test Wowza streaming engine but I notice that when I stop recording the buttons don’t return to their original state. Upon further inspection, there doesn’t appear to be a callback that notifies the view controller that the stream is idle. I do see a message in the console though that says, “WowzaGoCoderSDK: Broadcast Message: Stopped”.

Why would I not receive a callback when stopping a broadcast that indicates WZStateIdle? The other states seem to fire a callback appropriately to onWZStatus().

For reference:

Hello Dan,

In reviewing your account, I do see that you had a ticket with Support in the same time frame as this Forum post.

If the request that you are referring to here has not been resolved through that ticket, please do let us know.

Jason Hatchett
Wowza Media Systems Support Team