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IOS video streaming with incorrect resolution and why correctBufferOrientation scale factor


I implementing the GoCoder in my project for live stream, but I have some problems with the quality of my streaming.

My project is for a low bandwidth connections (~4-6Mbps download, ~2-3Mbps upload) then I think the best configuration for my scenario is nearby of:

videoFrameRate = 24

videoWidth = 640

videoHeight = 480

videoBitrate = 1500000

videoKeyFrameInterval = 24

audioBitrate = 64000

audioSampleRate = 44_100

audioChannels = 1

videoBitrateLowBandwidthScalingFactor = 0.65

But I have one critical problem, in my camera preview, I have a beautiful quality of content, but in my streaming have a “cropped” version of the camera preview. the area of camera is smaller.

  • In the output console, shows a log about the correctBufferOrientation with a scale factor. if I try to set others resolutions.

  • This problem shows in resolutions less than 1280x720.

  • I don’t know why the GoCoder do this. how to I stream the same resolution I setted up in the WowzaConfig?

I need a same content in the preview and stream… I wish to don’t loses a part of camera.

Hello @Rafael Gonçalves, you can adjust this.

Use the previewGravity property to specify how the camera preview should be displayed when the active frame size or aspect ratio of the camera does not match the view. You have three modes to choose from and you can find them here: