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IP camera livestream on demand


i have an IP camera (at the moment Axis) which should not stream all the time, only on demand.

Can wowza streaming engine demand the stream and than send it to a user?

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Hey there @Tobias Schneider, You would set the ‘StreamType’ to ‘rtp-live’ in the file [install-dir]/conf/[MyApplicationName]/Application.xml

This was designed exactly for the purpose of on-demand ingestion of a RTP/MPEG-TS stream.

As you described this would allow the first player that requests the stream to actually start it up. The stream will stop 60 seconds after the person stops watching it.

Hello @Rose Power,

i already tried this. But if i look at monitoring there are still so many Bites In as before and no Bytes out.

I also restarted. Here is my config:

Where is my problem?

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Hey @Tobias Schneider, unfortunately, we can’t run a diagnostic test through the forums. You would need to submit a support ticket to have the engineers assist you. We’ll get it figured out for you!