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IP Camera RTSP Wowza goCoder Config

Hello. I am trying to view a live stream from Wowza Streaming Cloud in my iOS app using the GoCoder SDK. I am streaming from an IP camera that outputs and RTSP. I am unsure what to use for the host address, application name, and stream name for configuring the stream in Xcode.

Hi @Jake Warren I have a tutorial for you that will walk you through this step by step and show you what to enter where in Xcode.

But, be aware that the GoCoder SDK only plays back the proprietary WOWZ protocol or HLS as a fallback. You’ll need to transmux that RTSP for playback in a GoCoder SDK app. See how to do that in this article.

Hi @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager,

Thanks for responding. Instead of using Wowza GoCoder for the camera/encoder I am using IP camera. The Wowza GoCoder gives you a primary server address, stream name and host port, while the IP camera gives hosted page URL, Source URL and playback URL. I still am unsure of what to use for the config. I am trying to view a stream from my IP Camera that is on Streaming Cloud.

Thanks again,


The only way you can play back a stream in an app built with the GoCoder SDK @Jake Warren is to use the WOWZ protocol in an ultra low latency stream target or set up HLS as a fallback.

As far as the IP camera and where to enter that, I can send you some info on that. It may be referencing Engine, but it’s the same concept for Cloud.