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ipad not working with jwplayer

I am a new user and have both audio and vidoe files working with wowza and jwplayer but when i try to access via ipad - nothing!

code I use is as follows:

Loading the player...

Take a look at the vod tutorial which details configuration and playback for iOS.

You will be using playlist.m3u8 url and HTML5 video tag, like this:

  <title>Cupertino Streaming</title>
<video controls src="">


Here is one approach, and start

You can look at UserAgent in app server too.


Is there a tutorial of how to create a fallback to all possible streams in a custom player?

I would like to have one player on my site that will play on most of the wowza supported devices. Could someone shine some light at this for me?

I already own the JW-player, but I would like to use a custom flash player…

got it - the problem was that i was not using the mdoe tag to allow html5 to kick in if flash was not acceptable - duh!