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Iphone Webrtc wrong video orientation


Im using Iphone to make a Webrtc video chat.

But when I play the video:

Left is local video | Right is the video from Wowza

The video is playing with wrong orientarion, my settings:


Can anyone have this problem? If yes, how to solve this?



What version of iOS are you using? If I recall correctly there was a webkit bug in 11.2 and earlier that did exactly this.

Hi Jay, Im using 12.1.4 (Iphone XR)

Has anyone else seen this or have a solution?

Wowza does not currently officially support mobile WebRTC workflows.

“WebRTC is still gaining adoption, so not all browsers and mobile platforms support it. With Wowza Streaming Engine, you can ingest and play WebRTC streams with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers on the desktop. At this time, Wowza Streaming Engine doesn’t support ingest or playback of WebRTC streams on mobile platforms or in a live repeater (origin/edge) configuration.”

But, @Derek Escue, I strongly encourage you to go to our livestreaming Slack and join the WebRTC channel. There are a lot of devs in there that have had success building it in mobile on their own and they can maybe help you solve this issue.

You can join here: