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Is it possible to customize the background image for Clearcaster's comment / emoji view?

Just wanted to see if we can do something besides the blue background color? Is there any possibility of some kind of hybrid view wherein comments / emojis can be displayed over a larger window of live video ?

Hello John,

The background of the Talent View is not able to be customized at this time.

I have brought this suggestion to our Product Manager, and we appreciate all feedback.

I am curious if this suggestion stems form any specific need that you may have, is this for the purposes of Branding, readability, or some other specific reason?

Jason Hatchett
Technical Support Supervisor – Wowza ClearCaster

Yeah, basically just for branding or to display more information about the webcast to the talent

Hello John,

I have updated the product manager with these details and this option is under discussion.

I can not provide a timeframe or state if this option will be integrated, but you can check in on the features as they are added, by watching our documentation page that displays the ClearCaster release notes:


Jason Hatchett

Technical Support Supervisor – Wowza ClearCaster

Thanks so much Jason,

looking forward to our first webcast with the clearcaster on 3/27. It’s been great in testing so far.