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Is it possible to delay packetization?


I’m working on a Wowza plugin which accepts REST calls (via an HTTPProvider), and wraps them into the output stream (HLS) as timed metadata. In order to account for connectivity problems, latency issues, etc, I would like to delay packetization of my incoming RTMP stream by a 6 seconds. So, my understanding of the process as it stands now.

RTMP packet received -> Packetized immediately as HLS (while doing “onFillChunkDataPacket()”) -> served after X chunks have been queued up

What I would like to do, if possible:

RTMP packet received -> sleep for 6 seconds -> Packetized as HLS -> served after X chunks have been queued up

Is there any API accessible way to enable this delay?




You might be able to user a server-side buffer to create this delay. Please see the following article for more information:

Server Side Sort Buffer

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