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Is it possible to enable SmoothStreaming in version WSE 4.8.12+

We noticed that SmoothStreaming is by default disabled since WSE 4.8.12.
We understand that it’s deprecated in the newer versions, but is it possible to enable it back? e.g. by modifying Application.xml or other means.

@Wendong_Li With Microsoft removing Silverlight support in October of 2021, Wowza removed the feature from Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.12 Applications. If you must have it, it would be doing the opposite of how to remove it as show in this article:

@Jason_Tuchler Thanks for the reply. Yeah, that works. I didn’t realize that even if Smooth Streaming doesn’t show up in the Manager UI “Playback Types” its playback URL is still accessible.

@Wendong_Li Yes, it’s removed from the manager and glad to hear that it works for you!