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Is it possible to have a player to choose between landscape and/or portrait oriented streams based on device/screen orientation?

Basically, I have two streams, one in landscape aspect ration and another in portrait aspect ration. Is it possible to combine them in one stream where HTML5 player on device will automatically choose correct stream based on device/screen orientation/resolution change? Similar to SMIL for multiple bitrates, I would like to have this for orientation/resolution change. Is it possible and how? Thanks

Thanks for that question @Mario Kusnjer and I did check with out player team to see if that was possible. Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine two streams with Wowza HTML 5 Player. The player will display the stream and scale the best that is can depending on the device orientation.

You do have the option in our GoCoder SDK to lock orientation to either always portrait or always landscape mode.

I am not sure about other players like JW Player, but perhaps you could find a solution there and update us. Thanks so much.