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Is it possible to ingest RTMP and stream out webRTC?

We want to ingest an RTMP stream from a camera, and display it in a html5 video tag with as low latency as possible. And because webRTC is supposed to have the lowest latency, we are looking at if we can transcade the RTMP into webRTC. But we find a lot of contradicting information about if this is possible or not?

Hello @Niels Stor Swinkels,

At this point in time this is not supported.

We support the ingest of WebRTC and output to other streaming types, but not the other way around.

The issue is with the encoding that WebRTC requires. The Transcoder does not have the ability to create WebRTC compatible streams.

I would recommend that you check the low latency HLS streams. We have an article that describes how you can achieve a latency of HLS stream that is below the standard 30 seconds:

We also have an article about this here:

It should be possible to get 10-5 second latency with tuned HLS streams.

We also outline the available streams and how they fit in to the latency chart:

Hope this helps.


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Alex Chepurnoy

Thanks for your answer!

In June 2017, @Jason Hilton said “In my testing I was able to get WebRTC playback using a RTMP based encoder as the source stream (H.264 video). You’ll need the latest software update which is currently Wowza Streaming Engine Build 20446 and you’ll need to add the rtpForceH264Constraint Property” ( What is the overall latency?


The WebRTC functionality has seen several updates since version 4.7.0 of the Wowza Streaming Engine software and is now out of preview in version 4.7.7. However, this workflow is not supported.

Jason Hilton
Wowza Media Systems Support Team

Is this workflow now supported in Version 4.7.8?

@DFN VC, @firstname lastname, @Kiran Thind, @Niels Stor Swinkels, ingest from RTSP, SRT or RTMP with output to WebRTC is supported since version 4.7.7; see