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Is it possible to install Wowza on a Raspberry Pi

Old posts around on the internet (2013) suggests that is has previously been possible to install Wowza on the Raspberry Pi. I did a quick attempt to install Wowza on my own Pi with no success. I got a few lines of “not nound” and “syntax errors” when executing the downloaded .run file.

I’m running Raspbian OS (32-bit) on a Raspberry Pi 4 with 4 Gb of RAM. The board is based on a 64-bit ARM processor.

I presume the installer doesn’t execute the Wowza installer due to the 32 bit OS. Would it be possible to install Wowza on a 64 bit operating system running on the Raspberry Pi?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the community @Teis_Draiby. :wave:

Wowza does not support an ARM installer.

The only download we had for Raspberry PI compatibility was for engine version 4.7.7.

This is basically a .deb package. No ARM support.
Please find below the download link for the 4.7.7 version.

We have since removed the article for that however and no longer encourage that as a production workflow.

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