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Is it possible to prevent applications instances from being created automatically?

We use the connectioncount api call in order to update our live administration console with new sources. If an application instance is added to our live app the xml returned from connection count is formatted in such a way that our php script fails to parse it correctly.

We would like to prevent application instances from being created and want to assure that all streams are listed under the definist application instance. It seems a new application instance is automatically created if an encoder sends a stream with an additional path component ie. rtmp:///live/<appi_instance>/<stream_name>. This also seems to occur if a resource is requested from the wowza host with an additional path component ie. https:///phlive/<app_instance>/<stream_name>/chunklist.m3u8. In both these scenarios, if the application instance doesn’t exist, wowza automatically creates one, is it possible to disable or prevent this behavior?

As far as stopping them from being automatically created it can be done, but with some custom java work.

There are ways to force a new one to a certain application or instance as you can see here:



-you can check the url with this interface and return false if it is invalid.