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Is it possible to push Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) nDVR files via FTP on the fly?

We have an encoder that takes HD-SDI and chunks it up into HLS files and playlists for adaptive bitrate HLS and it works GREAT. It FTP’s them on the fly (along with changed .m3u8 files) to our webserver that has a CDN attached for delivery.

However, we would like to add more streaming sources that our encoder can’t handle, which is where Wowza comes in. We’d love to have Wowza FTP the HLS files over to that CDNified webserver that is on the same network as our Wowza server.

Is this possible?

I’d also be fine with SCP, SFTP, SSH, etc. as both the wowza server and web server are *nix based that I have total control over.



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Currenlty, nDVR is not supported for a origin edge setup. For what you want, you do not need nDVR though.

You may be able to add your webserver as a stream target and send that way.

Another option is to setup your server as a origin/edge setup. That way you can use your web server as a edge server. You mostly have this setup now, but you can expand it to do what you need.

What will be the stream sources and how will they get to Wowza?