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Is it possible to use all cameras on IPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max?

Hi there
Will it sometimes in the future be possible to use all three cameras on the IPhone 11 Pro Max for streaming? It would be great, to be able to zoom seamless from wide angle to 2x (optical!) zoom. Digital zoom of course, is not a good option…

For now, iPhone users will have to rely on the third-party app ecosystem for that functionality, if it even exists yet. We have no plans at this time to support streaming from all 3 cameras as that is something Apple itself is still working in and you cannot even record from all three cameras right now.

It will be very cool when that day comes, but not in our pipeline at all at this time @Stefan Lanz. We always encourage our community to experiment though and share their GitHub repos. Your testing feedback is always welcome.

Here’s a neat article on the topic: