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Is it preferable to use different ports for rtmp and rtmpt


It is great that wowza supports both protocols on same port. However I would like to get an opinion on whether it is the prefered method for deployment. Many networks do not allow any ports other than http so we were planning to provide rtmp on 1935 and rtmpt on 80. The movies first try the rtmp, if it is blocked the movie fails over to rtmpt. Assumption being that rtmp will be faster than rtmpt. I had a few questions regarding this.

  1. How true is this assumption with wms? Is rtmp significantly faster than rtmpt?

  2. Is it preferable to run rtmp and rtmpt on same port? Does that have any performance overhead?

  3. Will I get any performance improvement by running the two protocols on different ports?

Any thoughts on this matter are much appreciated.