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Is KalturaCE like Wowza

Is KalturaCE like Wowza…whats the difference?

No, they are vastly different, but potentially inter-related.

Wowza is a software product that streams media from many kinds of sources over multiple protocols to many clients over multiple protocols.

Kaltura is a CMS (Content Managerment System) with special features for handling media.

Wowza could be the streaming server that handles the streaming of content in a Kaltura system.


I agree with the first two statements, but not the 3rd: “Wowza has everything that Kaltura has and therefore is not really necessary”.

I don’t think they are comparable in that way. Wowza and Kaltura have almost nothing that the other has. They both provide statistics but of different activity.


I think you have to approach the Kaltura solution first, then see how Wowza fits in. I have only browsed the site briefly, from which I got the impression that much setup was required.

SecureToken is setup in JW Player and Flowplayer, and you can also find it in the Flex versions of the Wowza SimpleVideoStreaming and LiveVideoStreaming examples. However is just the mechanism that is setup. You have to add your token to the actionscript and re-compile. With JW player you could add the token to the Flashvars, but that’s not a great way to do it, the token is very visible. So it best to re-compile. You can also use an obfuscater to protect the SWF from decompile, but they are not free, secureSWF is the one I bought (and never use).


The most important difference is Kaltura use Progressive download and Wowza, is a Streaming Server, the best product can be do using this 2 product like one, how say Richard before.

Use Kaltura for the management of the content and Wowza, for streaming this content to all protocols.

Kaltura only support Web player at this moment, but Wowza support a lot of mobiles, and other platforms.


so if all I want to do is configure a server to serve video all I need is Wowza

(but Kaltura might be used in addition if I wanted to use statistics or other features built in to kaltura – but – Wowza has everything that Kaltura has and therefore is not really necessary)

ok i guess i will have to dig a bit deeper here

(by the way, I meant to say — Wowza has everything that Kaltura has and therefore Kaltura is not really necessary


I would also be interested in a “out-of-the-box” solution using Wowza in addition with KalturaCE. My ideal scenario would be a pre-configured EC2 instance with “Wowza Media Server 2 for Amazon EC2” and KalturaCE 2.0.

  1. Is there any Wowza addon that facilitate the operation between Wowza and KalturaCE?

  2. Using the Wowza MediaSecurity Addon Package - Richard gave me the link to - do I have to use specific players that suppport this or do all common flash players, e.g. the KalturaCE player, support this security feature?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hello Richard,

again, many many thanks for the info!!

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