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Is the ec2 and wowza streaming engine on auto scale group?

I subscribed to EC2 Wowza Streaming Engine on AWS marketplace (LINUX PAID) and I’d like to know if the all instances are on a Auto Scale Group already?

When I subscribe AWS Marketplace: Wowza Streaming Engine (Linux PAID), aws auto selected 27 instances of EC2, I’d like understand why?

Can you help me?

Thanks you for your time.

@Célio Garcia, the instances are not in an ASG by default.

You can place them in an ASG, but the parameters that an ASG can use to scale are limited and not necessarily the parameters that you want to use (e.g. you may want to scale on number of connections or GPU usage).

You can always post a message in the following forums if you want help from a professional on building a scalable platform:

Probably best to contact; you should only get 1 instance.

Hi @Karel Boek-Senior Consultant, Thanks for reply.

So, why are selected about 27 different instances? Is this something like a recomendations to use for?

What do you mean?