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Is there a Live Stream limit for Wowza Streaming Cloud?

We need to serve 600 or more live streams. Is there a Live Stream limit for Wowza Streaming Cloud?

Can you clarify what you mean by “serve”? Do you mean 600 viewers of a stream or truly being able to ingest 600 streams and deliver that many streams through Cloud?

Cloud is built on a CDN which means it can scale for distribution and we can easily handle up 200,000 viewers or more for one stream just to give you an example.

Can you explain what you are trying to do? Thanks.

Yes I mean ingest 600 streams. We want to stream the video of 600 cameras to hundreds of viewers.

Thanks @Riaan Stander I checked with our Cloud Product Manager and he said that’s no problem as far as being able to “technically” support 600 streams coming in. BUT, it would be best to talk to sales as far a pricing plan. The reason is that 600 streams coming in means 600 streams going out and if you are transcoding or doing and processing of those streams, that in addition to the bandwidth required could get pricey.

Our sales engineers can give you some free guidance on how you would best approach that for your budget.

You can email