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Is there a way to tell Wowza to execute a program after a file write is complete?


I want to upload a video file to my S3 input bucket –as soon as a Wowza file write is complete- so the Amazon Elastic Transcoder can transcode the file.

Is there a way to tell Wowza to execute a program after a file write is complete?

I found the IMediaWriterActionNotify and I did the following:

  1. Installed Wowza IDE

  2. Followed the Project and Module Class Creation (from here) to create a Wowza Media Server Project

  3. At this point, if I run/debug the sample code, onAppStart, onAppStop, etc. are not being called.

  4. Then I edited the MyFirstModule class and pasted the example code from IMediaWriterActionNotify

But for some reason, the onFLVAddMetadata and onWriteComplete are not being called. Does anybody know what I am missing here?


Hello there and welcome to the Wowza support forum.

Did you add your module to the application?

Configure modules

If so, do you see any indication of the problem in the logs?

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Hi I recommend if need upload from Wowza to S3 use Java SDK with MultipartUpload, try to don’t use s3fs, the performance is terrible! I start one project using s3fs and we has many issuel uploading, after move to AWS Java SDK upload, the performance is impressive 20mb in 1 sec.

On the other hand can use the New AWS Lamda service to run events after a new s3 object be created in you bucket, and send them to ElasticTranscode.

hope this help!


Sorry, I forgot to mention the built-in file mover module that you might be interested in trying as well:

How to move recordings from live streams (ModuleMediaWriterFileMover)


That’s great news. I am glad you got this worked out and happy I could help.

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Hi Salvadore,

Thank you for you reply. I followed the Configure modules link you provided and it is working now!

Thank you!!