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Is there a way to use Facebook live as a source and rebroadcast using Wowza?

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Great question @Steven Allison, but we have no way to support that. We’d have no way to connect to that true video source nor we would we be able to authenticate the source, set up security tokens on it and it could potentially be several copyright issues. Sorry for any inconvenience.

You could potentially look into OBS and using screenshare as RTMP, but Wowza does not support such a workflow at all.

Thanks anyway. The feed is actually to our own companies page but the vendor we are using doesn’t want to push a second stream and there are some complications getting then on the network. We did find a workaround by connecting to the feed via a laptop, pushing that feed out the HDMI port to and encoder and then into Wowza. Bit of a kludge but should work.

Interesting and thanks for sharing that @Steven Allison. Rather than push a second stream, have you considered simulcasting? With Wowza Streaming Engine, you can create multiple stream targets from one source stream. This includes FB live. I know you mentioned some complications getting them on the network, but this is worth looking into.

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