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Is there a way using PHP cURL I can create a folder in a Wowza Streaming Engine's content folder?

I am attempting to create a directory within Wowza Media Servers content folder to place video files in.

I had attempted this using PHP’s mkdir but that has failed and was recommended that I try PHP cURL which I am not very familiar with. Is there a sample script available from which I can see how to create folders with cURL?

Hello @Arnold Agaba, yes you can wrap the Streaming Engine REST API in PHP to do several management tasks.

You would first have to download the PHP library from GiHub and make a fee adjustments. This doc will provide you the Step-By Step guide to do this.

PHP query examples are available in the tests folder of the Wowza Streaming Engine PHP library download.

I will try to find the example of how to create a new folder for you.

I did find this link which may provide the sample you are searching for: