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Is there an easy DVR tag solution for live stream URL's?

In the Wowza Engine, there’s a nice option that allows you to throw a ?DVR tag at the end of a manifest URL. That way we are only programming around one URL. The player will play the live version if it’s streaming or the DVR if there is no live stream.

Is there something similar for the Cloud solution or are we going to have to track both the live and VOD URL’s?

I found this option under the Transcoder properties: Enable Live to Vod.

Glad you found it @Francis_Meetze and yes it’s a bit different than appending the DVR tag in an Engine url. But, it is possible to have the stream health stats readily available for the live and vod version in Cloud as you saw in the doc and we hope is simple to configure both from the same application.

For those who would like to know how to configure this, please see this video tutorial here:

The corresponding documentation is here:

If you need to accomplish this through the REST API, you can do that as well: