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Is there an easy way to remove the .stream extension?

I’m working with the Push Plugin to be able to send our videos to Akamai, Ustream, Livestream, YouTube, etc,. etc. One problem I have is that the published stream name always ends in ‘.stream’ which gets sent as the published stream name in our MBR offering.

Using the following example:

String dstStreamName =“webcast-high”+streamName+"@"+streamId;

Is there an easy way to convert that ‘streamName’ from to just simply webcast?

What we’re actually doing is naming the stream simply %i in Flash Media Live encoder and sending that to a live application. Then we have three new applications which point to localhost and have a and file. Under each application we start those three streams to send the MBR content to each provider. We want it broken apart in case we only want to send to Akamai, or maybe kill YouTube early, etc., etc.

Is there a better way to go about doing this? Not a programmer by trade, so hacking my way through this. I do have the plugins publishing to the providers, just have this last little hurdle I think.



You can use StreamNameAlias insteaad of .stream files for simple alias names