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Is there an endpoint that retun the total bytesIn and bytesOut of the entire server?

  1. Is there an endpoint that return the total bytesIn and bytesOut of the entire server? I can check each application individually but I’d like another one that returns a total so I can check quickly if everything is fine. Kinda like the diagram you see when in wowza streaming manager.

  2. Is there a pdf listing all the endpoints with a description of them? the documentation I see on the website is a bit lacking.

  1. You can check the total bytes in/out of the VHost, typically you have only one VHost per Server.

GET /v2/servers/{serverName}/vhosts/{vhostName}/monitoring/current

  1. I use the Swagger API reference, combined with the documentation at (and, I must admit: 15+ years of experience with WMS/WSE). I don’t know of any overview of all endpoints with description, but I applaud the idea.
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Thank you so much, the endpoint seems to have worked.

The issue with the existing documentation is that, the link you shared, have very few endpoints, like the endpoint I asked for does not exist. And to configure wowza and to setup the swagger collection just to check some endpoints is time-consuming.