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Is there another player's sample code that i can use?

i heard that wowza player doesn’t provide services anymore.
I want to put Wowza player in the client site…so
is there another player’s sample code that i can use?


Video.js and Clappr are two open source video players that you can use to play HLS or MPEG-DASH streams; both of which can be produced by Wowza. Presumably if you Google for “videojs wowza” or “clappr wowza” you’ll find a bunch of useful info

In addition to the great info @Karel_Boek just shared, here is a list and description of both open source and paid HTML5 players you can use with Wowza that I put together last year and still is true today.

There are more great players on the market like JW Player and Bitmovin, lots of options out there for free or with a subscription. Make sure it supports your streaming protocol though.