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Is there any way to Stop Stream using Wowza Engine Rest APIs?

How can we stop Stream using Wowza Engine Rest API ?

If there is no such way then how to stop it using Wowza JAVA APIs ?

I am starting my stream using Wowza GoCoder App.

Yes @Naveen Kumar, you can disconnect the stream through the Engine REST API.

After that, you have the choice to delete it. Here are the the various ways to query the REST API:

Please also refer to the left nav bar where you see this doc highlighted and you will see other docs for API query examples.

Stop the application testlive:

curl -X PUT --header 'Accept:application/json; charset=utf-8' http://localhost:8087/v2/servers/_defaultServer_/vhosts/_defaultVHost_/applications/testlive/actions/stop

Thanks @Menno Prakken!

I need to stop a particular Stream. Your above command will stop the application and not a particular stream. Anything else u can suggest ?

This will work if I am using MediaCaster, I am not using Mediacaster so creating StreamFile won’t help. Have already check this doc before.

Any other solution you can suggest ?

This will stop the application and not a particular Stream. I want to stop a particular stream using Rest API or Java API.

Let me check with the engineers and I will let you know shortly.

Hello @Naveen Kumar, I spoke with our engineers and we only have the workflow to stop a stream through the Engine REST API using MediaCaster. I know you said you are not using that, however.

BUT, there was a suggestion to try this:

  1. You would have to customize this example code so that you can disconnect the RTMP publisher based on your own trigger (for example, as an HTTP request).