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Is there anyway to install wowza libraries in vscode?

I’m trying to switch from eclipse to vscode as the IDE for everything.

Is there any way to use vscode instead of Eclipse for Wowza? like install wowza dependencies and so on

Are you planning to build plugins/modules? We do not use VSCode internally for Wowza development, so we aren’t the best folks to ask. Maybe someone else in the community will chime in. At a minimum you would need to make your own project templates.

That said, I know there are a ton of extensions you need to make VSCode work with full Java language support, not just syntax.

We already have a core module that I maintain, every time I need to fix something, I remember that I have to use eclipse which is something I find disturbing since no one use eclipse in this day and age. Everyone uses either jetbeans or vscode.

I was impressed by how C++ developers were able to switch to VScode, so I thought I ask if I can uninstall eclipse as well.

I can certainly add this as a feature request to explore building modules/plugins in VSCode and IntelliJ.

Looks like C++ in VSCode doesn’t include a built in compiler or debugger, but it is technically still in preview.