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Is Wowza player created only for iOS and OS X ?

Wowza player seems to support only Apple HLS playback type, and I can’t get it to work on Chrome for Ubuntu Linux.

Was the player created only for apple products ?

If no, please how can I get it to run on Ubuntu linux/Chrome ?

If yes, then what is the alternative for Ubuntu linux/Chrome ?

Thanks in advance,



Hello @Chris Moune,

Thank you for using Wowza community forum.

Wowza player should work in Firefox and Chrome on Ubuntu.

I tested the Wowza Player page in Ubuntu/Firefox and Ubuntu/Chrome loading and it works correctly.

Depending on the issue you are seeing we can take appropriate steps to troubleshoot the issue.

Please feel free to submit a support ticket to troubleshoot the issue further.


Alexc C

Wowza Support