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Is WOWZA suitable for a FYP of bachelor student?

I am a Bachelor Degree student, and I am doing the Final Year Project. I need to apply some techniques like H.265, adaptive bitrate streaming, and live commenting. Is the WOWZA streaming API good for me? At the end, I will submit my achieved program codes to my professor, and I am afraid that this SDK did too much for me already. So I will not be able to submit some stuff which is worth for score.

Thanks a lot if you could answer my noob questions.

Congrats on being in your final year @Oscar WONG and yes you can do all 3 things with Wowza Streaming Engine and Cloud as well, but in Cloud it can do a lot of it automatically in the transcoder, so maybe for your scores you should do it in Streaming Engine where you can manually code and create each of the 3 steps.




Dear @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager ,

Thank you for your detailed advising, may I ask, is there any other quota (such as limited total streaming minutes or hours) for the “developer trail” of Wowza Streaming Engine?


  • 3 inbound / 10 outbound connections for anytime
  • 180 days trial

Since I am using it for around 3 months to do my FYP, and I’m afraid that I will not be able to continuously use the Wowza Streaming Engine in the middle stage of my project, thank you so much.