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Issue in playing RTSP UDP stream on Android in different networks


We have an application where we stream from iPhone or Android phone and view it in multiple different platforms like iOS, Android, web etc.

While all the other platform works well, Android is very unstable. In certain network it plays, in certain it doesn’t. We are using Live555 player in our app to play the stream. In my application.xml, I have made the setting to UDP from interleaved. I want only RTSP over UDP.

While stream initiated by us fails to play in Android in various network, I noticed below stream always plays in our app -

Our Wowza server is running on EC2 and initially I suspected firewall issue and hence opened my instance’s all ports to entire world.

Sometime I see this in the log -

20:28:33.964130 IP > ICMP udp port 6975 unreachable, length 68

Need help to figure out what is wrong.

Can someone please through some light on this?


This has been handled via ticket number233177. Please refer to that ticket for further details.


Andy E.