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Issues creating Facebook steaming target in Wowza cloud transcoders


I’m having issues creating a stream target for Facebook live in Wowza cloud. The login button doesn’t appear.

I’ve set up a support ticket through Wowza but my live stream is due on Facebook in 3 hours. Never had this trouble with Wowza cloud before.

Anyone else having the issue?

Hi @Neil_SALTER, sorry, this post came in over the weekend and I didn’t see it. So, there was an issue with FB Stream targets (it’s been fixed) and the problem was with FB as described in our status alert.
Are you signed up for that?

We will alert you through email and social media if there is an issue. If we have one, we will share a workaround for you as well. This can be much faster than submitting a support ticket.

Here is a link to the status alert that went out for this issue and you’ll see a button in the upper part of the screen that says SUBSCRIBE TO UPDATES.

Hope you were still able to successfully stream your event.