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Issues creating, updating and retrieving data from Wowza Streaming Engine using PHP REST API

I am getting started with the Wowza PHP Library and I am having trouble connecting to the streaming engine i have installed locally. As directed from, I installed composer, created the config file with my server host and authentication settings



Then when trying tests to retrieve data from the server for example:


require_once ('vendor/autoload.php');
require_once("config/wowza_config.php");// It is simple to create a setup object for transporting our settings
$setup =newCom\Wowza\Entities\Application\Helpers\Settings();
$setup->setPassword(WOWZA_PASSWORD);// Connect to the server or deal with statistics NOTICE THE CAPS IN COM AND    WOWZA
$wowzaApplication =newCom\Wowza\Application();
$results = $wowzaApplication->getAll();?>

I get Fatal error “Too few arguments to function Com\Wowza\Application::__construct()” …

Or when attempting other sample scripts to get data from the server I get either a

<code>object(stdClass)#8(4){["message"]=>string(40)"The request requires user authentication"["code"]=>string(3)"401"["wowzaServer"]=>string(5)"4.7.7"["success"]=>bool(false)}

or NULL returned.

Is there a clear platform that explains how the PHP REST API can be integrated and used to request, edit and display data? Or could someone help break down how this can be accomplished?