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Issues with choppiness the last 3 days?


We have had three instances, one Sunday, one Monday and then again today where video coming out on the player end is really choppy, audio is fine and the secondary passthrough streams we have going to Facebook and Youtube are also fine but anything referencing the wowza/akamia HLS stream or using the wowza player is noticeably choppy. We are using the HLS stream/url on a Roku channel and that is choppy, we have some other players we are testing with the hls stream/url and they are choppy too.

On the May third date and then today we tried stopping/restarting the stream, restarting the encoder and doing that multiple times did not fix it, eventually, it just went away on May 3rd, today we are still seeing it.

We have used Wowza for a while now with the same setup and its been running fine, no changes on our end and then starting Sunday we started seeing this issue.

Here are two stream health examples, it looks like the outbound rate is too low but the inbound rate looks like what we would normally send.

What one of our normal streams looks like

What one of the streams with choppiness issues looks like

Any ideas?

Awesome thanks Mac


I see you already have a case in with the Wowza Support team on this. It is in our ticket queue to be reviewed today. We will be in touch later when we have reviewed and determined the root cause. If you have additional questions, please submit those in your existing case with us.

Mac Hill
Sr. Manager
Wowza Support