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Issues with connection code in gocoder

Im running wowza streaming cloud in sandbox mode.And i created a stream using REST api.I got the response correctly got the connection code.But when im trying to connect to this stream using gocoder in my android device im getting an error verify or regenerate the code.Why im getting this issue.

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue @san kin. The Cloud sandbox is only for testing the API calls and to see how a stream setup takes place. Unfortunately, you cannot connect a real GoCoder android device to run a test stream in Sandbox. You’d have to test this in the true Cloud production dashboard with your Cloud account- either paid or trial.

Thanks Rose for clarifying my doubt.I want to stream using REST api but im unable to run in sandbox mode as you said.How can achieve streaming using REST api.Are there any tutorial links u can share that would be helpful for me.Can we use trial account for this or we have to do a mandatory purchase

Any update on the above query? Am also facing the same issue? Thanks in advance

I understand this is older query. But any update on the last question? I’m also facing the same issue for the connection code generated through rest api

I am not sure I understand what you are asking. You’re having issues running the sandbox with Cloud in a trial? That is allowed on a trial. There are some streaming restrictions though and you can see them here:

If your issue is trying to run the GoCoder through an SDK, we stopped issuing licenses for that April 2, 2020.

You should still be able to use the free GoCoder app though.