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Issues with Push Publishing to Twitch TV


I am a new user of Wowza and have set up a Amazon EC2 Server with Wowza running on it. I have successfully streamed to the Wowza server and installed the pushpublish module on my Live App named “live”. However my stream is not going live on Twitch.

here is the content of my pushpublishmap.txt (Stream key removed)

myStream={profile:“rtmp”, host:“Live-lax.Twitch.TV”, application:”live”, streamName:“live_xxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”}

I set up the pushpublishdebug and here is the line from the error log.

PushPublishRTMP.sessionClosed[rtmp://Live-lax.Twitch.TV:1935/”live”/xxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]: RTMP session closed unexpectedly. Retrying in 3000 msec

I would be forever grateful for some help on this issue.

I also tried


myStream={profile:“rtmp”, host:"Live-lax.Twitch.TV/app“, application:”app”, streamName:“live_xxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”}

Error Log

PushPublishRTMP.Reconnector[rtmp://Live-lax.Twitch.TV/app“:1935/”app”/live_xxxxxxxxxxx_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]: RTMP Session failed to connect. Retrying in 10125 msec


Does Twitch need a stream key sent as part of the publishing process? I would suggest contacting Twitch about their requirements, which publishers/broadcasters are allowed etc and what RMTP settings are required.