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Issues with Wowza player on mobile devices

Hi, I want to use wowza player in a web page, and it works just fine on Firefox and Chrome if I’m using a PC, but on a mobile device (Android) also using Firefox and Chrome it start the video, but after that if I want to interact with the web page (scroll,etc) or tap anywhere on the player it starts throwing endless error messages in console and the player displays the message “buffering…”

This was also reproduces on PC by selecting “Toggle device toolbar (Ctrl+Shift+M”) in Chrome browser console, meaning that on specific user agents Wowza has a strange behaving.

I’ve attached the logs from the console.



Thank you for using our Forum.

We would need to review your stream and page that you are using Wowza Player on.

I tested a basic webpage with Wowza Player on my Nexus 6 with 7.1.1 and it plays back correctly.

You are welcome to submit a support ticket here:



Hi Alex and thanks for your reply,

The page where we are using DASH and HLS streams from Wowza Streaming Engine server is:

In the top-left corner are 3 buttons to select a player. Pick the one with Wowza logo:D
After that pick a policemen, then select a camera and the video should start.
Then tap on the player/scroll the map/zoom/close the info window or select other camera/policemen/player
Now check the console (“Toggle device toolbar (Ctrl+Shift+M”) in Chrome browser console - PC).

Maybe is a issue if the player is used in this context, but on PC (Windows) seems to work just fine.


Did you find solution for your problem? I have the same in my Ionic cordova app. Log is in attachement.