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I've used the data track selection module to play different subtitles embedded in mp4 file, but didn't succeed

Use the following module to select different audio track and text track :, the different audio tracks works, but the different subtitle tracks didn’t work? I got always the first subtitle in the mp4, the mediaReaderH264.setTrackIndexData(textDataIdx ); seems has no effect to select the correct subtitle tracks? Could you have a look and give me some feedback?

Does your playlist provide proper references to the subtitle tracks? In the release notes for 4.8.10, I noticed that there have been some fixes for subtitle-related functions.

Yes please try as Karel suggests, Engine 4.8.10 was just released yesterday and that was one of the improvements made. If you still have issues or you need help with the upgrade to ensure nothing breaks, our engineers will be happy to assist you in a support ticket.

See all changes and fixes in 4.8.10 here: