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JAVA HEAP increased

Hello, the java heap has increased making the wowza stop working.

I’ve already changed the server, I increased the memory of my server from 64 GB to 128 GB and the problem persists daily.
The wowza team has already requested several logs and was unable to identify the problem.
I do not know what to do, how to increase JAVA HEAP memory from 10GB to 30GB?

We have an article that shows how to increase your heap size.

Note that your heap size is growing for a reason and increasing the size of your heap will only delay the inevitable crash.

Some of those reasons could be having multiple .stream file sources offline, an IO issue on your server, your Transcoder is overloaded, or a custom module is causing problems.

Please also make sure that your hardware meets our minimum specifications. We have an article on this.

We also have an article on how to find the right hardware for your workflow at the article below.

Hello, my heap is filling up about 6 hours, the wowza is offline, when I use a personalized module, I don’t use a transoder. :frowning:

Hi. How to increase? It’s easy.

You are editing the Tune.xml file

You delete the entry: $ {com.wowza.wms.TuningGarbageCollectorG1Default}

you enter e.g. 32000M


But they wrote: observe and think what might be the reason for this.

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I have a ticket open for more than 72hrs, I am desperate my wowza continues stop

Ok let me contact that engineer directly. We did have a U.S. holiday Monday and Wowza was closed. I’ll have him reach out to you today. Thanks for letting me know there was a ticket already so I could check on it.

thank you Rose, a great day

Is there any property added in the application, to avoid dumping heap memory?

Thanks! You too!

Do you want to send us a support ticket so we can assist you with tuning your server? The forums will be going into maintenance mode today and tomorrow, but we’re happy to help you with this in a ticket.