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Java ide module problem

nice to meet you. To see the log of ModuleMediaListPathSelector, I unzipped the jar file, decompiled it, added the log, and recompiled it. At this time, I used wowza ide, and the server recognizes the existing module, but the jar module I compiled is not recognized. I built it on Windows and uploaded it to a Linux server to test it. Maybe the logger is the problem, I deleted the log and tested again, but no log is displayed on the server and the video cannot be played. I’m sorry, but I was wondering if there was any information about this, so I’m posting this.

There’s no need for any decompiling attempts because the source code is available from I recommend to add your logging code to that and then compile it. Make sure the JDK version on your Windows machine is compatible with the JRE on your Linux server.

Thanks, I’ll try it right away.