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Java Misson control


How can I connect to Wowza with Java Mission control?

Another question:

The garbage collector waits 10minutes to allocate 2 GB, before releasing memory. How can I change that to 200MBytes?




You need to enable JMX Remote Configuration in Wowza. You’ll find this (if using Streaming Engine Manager) in Server Setup > Properties > JMX Remote Configuration.

Note that you will need to enable Allow access to advanced properties and features for the Administrator user that you use to log into the Engine Manager.

Once you have defined your JMX properties you can launch Java Mission Control, and select File > Connect… > Create new connection. You then enter the hostname, RMI port, credentials (if enabled) and you should then be able to establish a connection to the Wowza JMX interface.

Garbage collectors can be selected via the Streaming Engine Manager (Concurrent and G1), and you can also specify your own custom settings if neither of those suffice. We generally do not recommend that these are modified unless there is a specific reason to.

I’d recommend reading our tuning article, as well as these on G1 GC and Concurrent GC.