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Java Plugin for Wowza Server

Hi we would like to develop a java plugin for wowza server

Our wowza server is linux based

We use wowza for voip calls between mobile devices

The plugin should work in this way:

  • We send through wowza some metadata input during a video streaming

  • The plugin will have a java engine that will make some operation on this metadata input. We wil develop this engine by ourself

  • The plugin will have to stream again some metadata output

Basically we need support on the architecture because input and output of data must be synchronized with the video streamed between 2 devices mobile

Can anybody help us on this development?

You can write us and discuss all technical and budget details


Hi, i’ve had experience with metadata manipulation.

To move forward, please contact me at


It’ll be interesting to discuss the technical details of this request; please contact me by email.

Kind Regards,

Karel Boek